Adding Search Abilities to your Apps with Azure Search

  • published Sept. 20, 2016

Nearly every app and website has a search box. Yet, very few seem to actually work. In this training course you’ll learn how to build a search engine that works. You’ll see how to build a search service, from scratch, with Azure Search. You’ll learn about scoring profiles, faceted navigation, natural language processing, and a host of other topics. The goal of this course is to provide top-notch Azure Search training.

In this detailed course, you’ll see a search service that let’s you search for fictional beers and breweries. This course assumes that you have zero experience with Azure Search. It will start at the beginning and guide you through:

  • What Azure Search Is
  • Why you should consider using Azure Search
  • How to create an Azure Search service from scratch
After these general concepts, this course will get more technical and go deeper. You’ll see how to manage search indexes and documents. You’ll learn how to create simple and complex queries. Then, this course will go even deeper and show you the lucene query syntax. You’ll even gain an understanding of how to promote search results that meets your apps needs!

In just 3 hours, you’ll get to a point where you can quickly add search abilities to any app or site you build. In addition to the video content, Pluralsight Plus subscribers will get access to:

  • Over 100 requests to the Azure Search API
  • A search UI that has over 1,000 lines of code.
Think of it this way. Arthur C. Clarke’s third law states, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. With this course, you’ll see how to use Azure Search to add some search magic to your app. This magic includes things such as:

  • Natural language processing
  • Query forgiveness. With mobile being a major interface, just think of all of those misspellings that could be entered into a search engine. You’ll learn how to introduce some forgiveness!
  • Scoring profiles
  • Faceted search navigation
  • Geospatial searches
  • Hit highlighting
  • Search recommendations
The content in this course is applicable whether you’re building an Android, iOS, Windows or Web app. At a bare minimum, I have the personal opinion that every developer owes it to their self to watch the first 10 minutes. With a free trial, there’s really not much to lose and a lot to gain. You can check out the course here. After you’ve watched it, I hope you’ll share your positive feedback on Twitter.


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Sept. 20, 2016

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You'll Learn
  • An Introduction to Azure Search
  • Why Should I Consider Azure Search?
  • Creating a Search Service
  • Azure Search Concepts: Indexes and Documents
  • Managing Indexes in Azure Search
  • Creating Azure Search Indexes
  • Updating an Azure Search Index
  • Sharing Search Indexes Across Domains with CORS
  • Listing Indexes in Azure Search
  • Retrieving an Index from Azure Search
  • Removing an Azure Search Index
  • Managing Documents in Azure Search
  • Uploading Documents to a Search Index
  • Removing a Document From a Search Index
  • Merging Documents
  • Reading a Document from a Search Index
  • Selecting Document Fields with Select
  • Executing Queries in Azure Search
  • Introduction and Prerequisites
  • Running Azure Search Queries
  • Searching with Simple Queries
  • Searching with Full Queries
  • Getting Query Statistics
  • Filtering and Scoring Search Results
  • Filtering Search Results
  • OData Expression Syntax for Azure Search
  • OData Operator Introduction
  • OData Comparison Operators
  • OData Logical Operators
  • OData Lambda Functions
  • Searching by Distance
  • Searching in a Geofence
  • Measuring Document Relevancy with Scoring Profiles
  • Creating a Scoring Profile
  • Using a Scoring Profile
  • Customizing a Scoring Profile
  • Weighting Text in a Scoring Profile
  • Weighting Numbers in a Scoring Profile
  • Setting the Scoring Function Type
  • Setting the Scoring Function Field
  • Setting the Scoring Function Boost
  • Scoping a Boost
  • Handling Unknown Value Ranges
  • Boosting Dated Information
  • Boosting Distances
  • Boosting Strings in a Collection
  • Choosing a Default Scoring Profile
  • Navigating Search Results
  • Navigating Search Results
  • Sorting Search Results
  • Setting Up a Sort
  • Sorting in a Direction
  • Combining Sorts
  • Scoring and Sorting
  • Paging Sort Results
  • Setting the Page Size
  • Using the skip Parameter
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Adding Facets
  • Creating Ranged Facets
  • Creating Ranged Buckets
  • Creating Intervaled Buckets
  • Customizing Facet Labels
  • Setting Facet Option Labels
  • Sorting by Facet Values
  • Sorting by Facet Result Counts
  • Limiting Search Facets
  • Using Faceted Navigation
  • Highlighting Result Data
  • Search Suggestions with Auto-Complete
  • Adding Suggesters
  • Requesting Suggestions
  • Customizing the Suggestion List