Best Practices Moving from SQL Server to SQL Azure

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  • Written by Chad Campbell on May 2nd 2012

  1. When you choose your objects, I recommend going one object at a time. Personally, I go in the following order: Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, User-Defined Functions... Basically, I go in the order that they are shown in the "Generate and Publish Scrips" dialog.

  2. Use the "Advanced Scripting" dialog

    • Change "Include If NOT EXISTS" to true.
    • Turn "Script DROP and CREATE" to "Script DROP and CREATE".
    • Turn "Script for the database engine type" to "SQL Azure Database".
    • Turn "Script USE DATABASE" to false.

This should be automatically disabled when you change the database engine type as previously described. But, if for some reason, it doesn't get disabled, ensure that this value is "false."​


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